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Nowadays, generating income by doing some investments and trading is one of the most controversial topics among a lot of internet users and one such is Cryptocurrencies. If you are also one of those crypto enthusiasts who want to start their journey in the overwhelming crypto market, then it is required to create an account on a crypto exchange or wallet. And if you are unaware of any of the crypto platforms, then don’t worry because I’m here to help you with
In this write-up, we will cover some topics such as benefits of using and supported cryptocurrencies on it. Along with that, we will also cover an easy instruction guide that will help you to do sign up and login.
Benefits of login:
There are several benefits that you will get to enjoy after your login on your mobile app or web interface.
  • You can trade with more than 250 different cryptocurrencies including Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitcoin (BTC), Polkadot (DOT), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), and more.
  • Offers visa cards that enables its users to spend cryptos and earn rewards.
  • Apart from visa cards it also offer its own crypto token that is known as CRO.
  • Provides higher credit card rewards and interest on staking.
  • Cold storage, 2FA, and FDIC-insured USD balance that is up to $250000.
  • Provides an easy interface to buy, sell, and trade NFTs (non-fungible tokens).
  • The platform offers highly rated mobile app for both Android and iOS users, so you can also get to enjoy its tools and features within a few taps on your mobile.
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